The End of an Era


Saved from my daughter’s Pinterest board “They melt my butter”

Just a little note about a change in my life recently:

“All My Children” ended Friday.  I know it was just a silly soap opera but I have watched it for over 30 years!  Granted, there were times that I did not watch it for several months or more at a time but I was always able to catch up with the story line pretty quickly.  I feel older knowing that this part of my life is now gone. I would call my daughter if I missed a show and ask what happened that day, if I needed to watch it because something exciting happened, or not worry about watching because it was a boring show that day. She would do the same if she missed the show. (Sorry April, guess I just let the world know that you watched a soap opera on a regular basis too!).

I was very disappointed in the last show on Friday. I expected that everything would end wonderfully but they ended the show with several cliff hangers! I think they may be planning for the show to continue on the internet but I have no desire to watch TV on my computer! I think they could have still ended everything happy even if they planned to continue in another format!

I do not plan to watch the new show “The Chew” that will be replacing “my show”. At least, not for awhile.  I have been recording the “Las Vegas” TV series on TNT and plan to watch them during lunch hour.  They have Josh Duhamel – he used to be Leo on all my children and was one of my all time favorite characters “Yum”!

I think that this “change” in my life may even end up being a bit “freeing” eventually. But for now, it is just a bit sad.


2 Responses to The End of an Era

  • sigh…love Josh…Loved the show…loved that we had it in common…

  • patty says:

    I so feel your pain I grew up with Another World( defunct years ago) and Days of our Lives – and while I have to say Haven’t watched DOL there is something comforting about turning on the TV and knowing the characters …. like a bowl of mac and cheese or mashed potatos for the brain! RIP daytime!

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