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A Day of Garage Sales

I went to visit my Dad last weekend and did some garage sale shopping.
Thought I would share my loot!

The first garage sale I visited did not have much but I overheard a girl talking about how one of the estate sales was literally giving stuff away! Needless to say, I headed straight to the one she mentioned.

Here are the items I got at this estate sale:

A box full of bias tape, lace, clasps, and more.

An afghan,

A big clock and wooden ring for my daughter to alter, and a cook book.

Some cool glass trays (think a couple will be surprise presents) :)

A couple of muffin tins (that my daughter likes to alter), a bottle opener that my sister wants to alter, and a small planter to give as a gift.

And what did I pay for all the goodies above??  Drum roll please??  $1.00!!

That was a fun one!

At the next place I got these:

This spectacular jewelry box and mirror.  It is full of little pillows to display bracelets or watches.

A pink triangle box with a music box.

A marble incense holder with incense…

I got the jewelry box, mirror, pink box, and incense burner for $20.00!

At the next place I got:

This box with various jewelry items like rhinestones brooches, pewter, cloisonne, etc…  including the neat box (excuse the bad photo) – $15.00

I got a few other items at other sales but my favorite buys are above.

Every now and then a girl just needs a good day of shopping!

Vegas Sparkle Earrings

I was on a trip to Las Vegas over twenty five years ago and saw some of the black jack dealers wearing the most fantastic earrings I had ever seen!  I stopped in every casino gift shop until I found them.  I purchased a pair for about $35 (I think).  This was a lot for me to spend on a pair of earrings but I had to have them!!

When I started making jewelry several years ago, it was always in the back of my mind that I would dig that pair of earrings out and figure out how to make them.

Now, I have designed my own version of these earrings.  I scaled them down a bit so that they could be worn for casual as well as more fancy occasions.  I also have designed them in several different colors.  The earrings I make are made with bronze wire from Vintaj Natural Brass Company and Rhinestone pointed back Chatons from CanterburyLane.

They are super lightweight and a lot of fun to wear!

Here is the original pair I bought in Vegas


Below are several of the earrings I designed.


Since it is hard to tell how cool they look with out seeing them worn, my beautiful friend Stacy is shown wearing a pair below.

I make them in pink, white, turquoise, green, red, and purple.

Some of them are in my Etsy store here:

Turquoise small, pink small, turquoise large, white large, green large, purple large, and purple small.

Thanks for looking!



Back from the Mountain

Had a great time with my daughter, sister and some good friends over the weekend.

It was gorgeous and the weather was fantastic!

I had a little excitment on the last day while I was doing some yoga outside – I was in the final relaxation pose “Shavasana, or Corpse Pose” and I heard my daughter wisper “Mama”.  I looked up and she was standing near me and mouthed the word “Skunk”.  I layed very quietly and looked around – but didn’t see it.  I got up super slowly and walked away with my blanket.  Her and the other girls had been looking out the window and had seen the tail of the skunk on the other side of the rocks near me.  That was a close one!

The first level down these steps is where I was doing my yoga.  The skunk tail was seen on the next level down.

My beautiful daughter and one of her wonderful layouts!

My area.

My sister Cherie – she is next to my spot.


My sister’s beautiful creation!

I got lots of goodies created to sell at the craft show this weekend, got some good girl talking, and did not get sprayed by a skunk.


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