Back from the Mountain

Had a great time with my daughter, sister and some good friends over the weekend.

It was gorgeous and the weather was fantastic!

I had a little excitment on the last day while I was doing some yoga outside – I was in the final relaxation pose “Shavasana, or Corpse Pose” and I heard my daughter wisper “Mama”.  I looked up and she was standing near me and mouthed the word “Skunk”.  I layed very quietly and looked around – but didn’t see it.  I got up super slowly and walked away with my blanket.  Her and the other girls had been looking out the window and had seen the tail of the skunk on the other side of the rocks near me.  That was a close one!

The first level down these steps is where I was doing my yoga.  The skunk tail was seen on the next level down.

My beautiful daughter and one of her wonderful layouts!

My area.

My sister Cherie – she is next to my spot.


My sister’s beautiful creation!

I got lots of goodies created to sell at the craft show this weekend, got some good girl talking, and did not get sprayed by a skunk.


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