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My Top 12 Jewelry Designs of 2011

My daughter April Derrick is blogging about her favorite scrapbook page designs of the year and asked me to do the same for my jewelry.
So, without further ado – here are my favorite 12 pieces that I created in 2011.

Carousel Lights

Blue Dove

Girls Night Out

Pink Champagne

Queen of the ball

Vegas Sparkle Earrings

Seed of Eywa

Collage of Hearts

Dreams of Sparkles

Mixed Metals


On the Wings

There were some other favorites I would have liked to share but they are going to be published in beading magazines and I can not show them until the magazines come out.

Thanks for looking!


Vintaj End of Year Challenge and Happy Holidays!

It is time for Vintaj Natural Brass End of the Year Challenge.

I won the Carnival Ferris Wheel challenge in August so my piece is included in the challenge.

If you would like to vote for me, go here: Vintaj Blog – mine is #8

Now that I have done my shameless self promoting I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays from my family to yours!


John was not real happy to put on the antlers but you can see a small smile trying to develop.


Cricket was the only one that proudly donned the hat and posed for her Christmas photo!

The cats felt that wearing a hat was beneath them:


Froggy (sister of Ferret if you can’t tell)

Calley and Una bell (Calley is mother of Una bell and Tinkerbell)



Layla is our oldest – about 17 years I think. Hard to tell what she looks like in the pic but she didn’t feel like looking at the camera.

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs: Ricky Martin’s “AyAyAy”

Not a great sound quality but I love to watch him dance! :)

Thanks for stopping by and I wish everyone a joyous New Year!


Oh Christmas Tree

I love decorating my Christmas tree each year! I have so many special ornaments !

My dynamite Angel tree topper has a lot of meaning to my family.  We had one on our tree growing up but finally had to retire her because she was falling apart.  My sister found several of these tree toppers at yard sales and gave us each one so all the families could have one on their tree.

Every year I put photos of my grand kids in picture ornaments – one day the tree may be full of them!

My daughter made the one above for me and I love it!  I need to try my hand at soldering some day.

I also make them up for my family as presents – one day their trees may be full too!  One picture of each grandchild is for me, then a group picture is a giveaway – the budget only stretches so far… :)

Each year I hit the after Christmas sales to find these little frames so I have them ready for the next year.

This is one of my favorite photos of my granddaughter Charlie.

Of course, I have a couple for our dogs.  I don’t prepare new ones each year but do need a new one of Gidget (round frame), she was just a puppy in this one.

My daughter made the cd ornament in this picture – it is one of my faves!

Gotta have some bling!

Love this fish ornament! Found it at an Import store.  Bought similar ones for my mother, daughter, and two sisters.

There are many other special ornaments on my tree that mean a lot to me, but to show them all would be a very long post indeed!

My husband and I have bee married for 18 years.  I knew we were meant for each other when I found his childhood stocking at his parents house.  It is almost the same as my childhood stocking! Yes, they are in bad shape but they are both about 45 to 50 years old!

Happy decorating!



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