Craft Room Part I

I love seeing others craft spaces, so thought others might like seeing mine. I have shown it before but it is ever-changing plus this will be a series of the details in my craft room.

I have chosen a few pics to share today and will share more at a late date.

craft table

My craft table…  I have several projects and ideas spread out. I don’t necessarily want it this way, it is just how my desk evolves.


sari ribbon

Sari ribbon from Mudhound Studio – my new addiction!



Seed beads – all #6.  These are as small as I work with. I did make some eyeglass holders for my sister using #11 beads but my husband had to string them!



Vintage pieces. I store these in a nice wooden tool box inherited from my father in law – it seemed fitting.


mom's beads

This drawer contain pieces of jewelry that belonged to my mother. The top drawer has pieces that belonged to my mother.


art beads

Art Beads  from various talented artists. I have more spread out on my table awaiting ideas.



Findings: They are separated into black, copper, and brass. I have another box for silver (with a bit of gold plate) but don’t use them as often. I mostly use Vintaj brass.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my craft room.

More images will be shown at another time. Not sure when that will be – you will just need to keep checking back :)

If there is something in particular you would like for me to share or show about my craft space please comment.

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