Diamonds in the Rough


Update: Two of my designs were chosen for the challenge!” I believe in dragonflies” and “Lavender Dreams”

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For the “Diamonds in the Rough” challenge, the design team got to choose some of the beads they would receive from a large list of wonderful beads from ZnetShows Wholesale Beads.

Here is the amazing stash I received:

I have numbered the items on the photo above that I used in my designs and will list them with the products codes under each design.


blueberry butterfly

#3 BDS1413 (BDS1413-10)Opalescent glass quartz pebbles
#5 SCPDG191(PDG191-02) blueberry glass quartz butterfly pendant
#16 scbds362 (bds362-19) Blueberry glass quartz square puffed beads faceted

Other ZnetShow materials used:

Cultured sea glass blue rondelles
Blue glass pearls 4mm

This design came together very easily! I strung the beads and pendant on beading wire, crimped, then added some chain and a toggle clasp.


Candy Wings

#22 BDS1591 (BDS1577-17) Fire agate rondelles beads green
#21 BDS1596 (BDS1595-03) Fire agate round gray
#9 SCBDS200 (BDS200-29) candy jade rectangle puffed beads faceted
#14 SCPDG124 (PDG124-03) shell butterfly hot pink

I love the colors in this necklace!


Candy Wings earrings:
#9 SCBDS200 (BDS200-29) candy jade rectangle puffed beads faceted


I believe in dragonflies

#1 BDS1517 (BDS1517-13) African silver leaf round beads
#2 SCPDG202 (pdg202-69) Zebra jasper teardrop puffed pendant green
#6 BDS1517 (BDS1517-19) African silver leaf rondelle beads
#18 SCBDS287 (SCBDS287-08) Black onyx oval puffed faceted

I wrapped a brass dragonfly around the focal using round nose pliers then pressed with chain nose pliers to secure.


sky charmer

#17 SCBDG142 (SCBDG142-44) lavender glass quartz cube
#7 SCBDG44 (BDG44-42A) sky blue glass quartz square puffed beads
#8 SCBDG47 (BDG47-53) Sky blue glass quartz oval puffed beads
#15 BDS1132 (BDS1132-01) smoky quartz oval puffed beads stick shape

The smoky quartz beads look wonderful with the bright blue quartz beads!


lavender dreams

#11 BDS1577-17 Mexican Zebra jasper oval puffed beads dyed Charoite purple
#17 SCBDG142-44 Lavender glass quartz cube beads

Other ZnetShows materials:
Chain: MO535-gm Gunmetal tone 16x26mm
Chinese crystals, amethyst rondelles 8x6mm

The photo does not do these lavender beads justice – they are a beautiful lavender!


white waves

#10 BDS1564-45 Mexican zebra jasper round 8mm
#3 BDS1413-10 Opalescent glass quartz pebbles beads

Other ZnetShows materials:
Chinese crystal, clear 4mm

I wrapped a brass filigree around the focal – it gave the necklace a great vintage feel.


toruk makto

#12 bds1592-01 fire agate 4mm
#4 CB31-04 bamboo coral pendant (I used the same thing but a different shape I purchased)
#16 bds362-19 blueberry glass quartz square

Other Znetshows materials:
mos12ab chain leaf
Chinese crystals: ruby red rondelles, orange AB rondelles


I recently re watched Avatar and this bracelet colors were inspired by the creature in the movie. ( Toruk Makto is not the actual name of the creature but means Rider of the Last Shadow).

I hope my readers will enjoy the designs I created as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Check out Znet Shows facebook page and their blog to see which designs from the team were picked for the FB challenge where FB fans will  vote on their favorites!

Thank you Znet Shows!



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