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Creating with Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Industrial Chic

I received some wonderful product from the Susan Lenart Kazmer, LLC Industrial Chic line to play with! And play I did – what fun! Below are some of the items I created along with a couple of step by step pics.

Here is what I received:

Cool huh?!

The first items I created were a couple of bracelets using the Industrial Chic bangles:


To create this bracelet I took the bangle apart as much as I could, then started wiring the pearls on with some blackened steel wire.

I wrapped the remaining metal piece attached to the bangle and the piece I removed from the bangle around my work.  I finished the bracelet by adding one of the Industrial Chic charms.


Here is my second bracelet:

Purple Wrap

“Purple Wrap” was created using another of the IC bangles, purple recycled Sari ribbon, and one of the Industrial Chic heart charms. I colored the heart charm with a bit of teal metallic rub-ons.


I am very proud of the earrings I created using some of the IC button shanks!

Gunmetal Bling

Getting the button shanks to hang vertically without tipping forward was a challenge. I searched web tutorials but found nothing that would work to my satisfaction. So, I played around and finally came up with this idea: I applied some E-6000 on the button shank then strung seed beads on my wire, strung through the shank, then strung more seedbeads. After the glue dried, I finished my wrap – worked perfect!


My last piece is my fave!


For this necklace, I took some of the chain links apart then put them back together with jump rings.

I wire wrapped the emerald crystals onto the chain links using pieces of copper wire. I heated both ends of my copper wire pieces with a torch to draw a bead on the ends.

The Susan Lenart Kazmer  Industrial Chic line is sold exclusively at Michaels Crafts.


Thank you Susan Lenart Kazmer – I loved working with these super cool pieces!


ZnetShows Partner Picks Summer Challenge, What I Received

The ZnetShows “Partner Picks Summer Challenge” is the latest challenge for the ZnetShows Design team. The design team was split up into pairs, and each partner chose the beads for the other partner to create with.

My partner is Anitra Gordy, a very talented designer!

Check out her blog: LeeLu Creations

You can see her work in her LeeLu Creations Etsy

Today I will show you what goodies Anitra picked out for me to design with – I loved all of them!

61913 016

Beautiful aren’t they!

BDS1618-18FIVE Glass pearls, Khaki 6mm

ZMX-16-01 Tiaria Chinese crystal rondelles, Mint Julep mix 8x5mm

BDS1229-38 Aqua Terra Jasper rectangle puffed beads, 40x30mm

S55-B28STEN Cultured Sea Glass bottle-neck style rings, 23mm

M0462-AB Rectangle frame toggle clasp, brass tone 23x12mm

M0477-AB Starfish charms, brass tone 26x23mm

I have already created a couple of designs and started others. Check back later next week to see what I created.



Purple Rose



My “Purple Rose” necklace is featured today on the¬† ICE Resin¬ģ blog.
Check out the ICE Queen E-Zine to see how I created it.

Purple Rose



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