Rue Romantique Christmas Blog Hop – The Merry Duck

Welcome to the Rue Romantique Christmas blog hop!

For this blog hop the ICE Resin Creative Team Members all created Christmas ornaments using a Rue Romantique bezel.

Here is the ornament I created:

The Merry Duck

The Merry Duck


My sister Cherie picks up jewelry items for me at garage sales, flea markets etc. Every time I go to visit she has baggies or boxes of surprises for me! This little duck was in the last box of goodies I received and was perfect for my Christmas ornament!
Thank you sis!!!

ICE Resin®
Rue Romantique Medium Feathered Oval KR110
ICED Enamels® Angled Brushes IE-BRUSHES
ICED Enamels®- Raspberry Relique IE-SLK1004-Rasp
ICED Enamels® Medium, 1 oz. IE-medium
ICED Enamels® Shattered Opal
Christmas duck pin and bow ear stud
Pink cord

Cut off backs from pins and/or earrings. File down so element will lay flat in bezel.
Use paint brush to apply a thin layer of ICED Enamels medium to the bezel. Sprinkle on Raspberry Relique powder then pour the excess powder back into the jar. Heat with heat gun until starts to bubble. Allow to cool. Sprinkle a small amount of Shattered Mica into the bezel. Prepare ICE Resin, apply a thin layer of resin then place duck and bow where desired. Use tooth pick to drip a little resin around elements. Allow to dry 6 to 12 hours.
Use pink cord, string, or ribbon for a hanger.

Check out the other Creative Team members blogs for today:

Kristen Robinson
Jen Crossley
Cindi Bisson

Scheduled for the hop tomorrow (Sat Nov 9th) will be:

Ice Queen E-Zine
Lexi Grenzer
Pamela Huntington
Susan Walls
Jen Cushman

And  Sunday Nov 10th:

Lesley Venable
Sandy Martin
Susan Weckesser

This was fun!



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