My “Blue Fairy” necklace published in Jewelry Affaire

I’m so honored to have my “Blue Fairy” necklace published in the newest issue of Jewelry Affaire! This is such a gorgeous magazine and I am thrilled each time I am lucky enough to be published in it!

Blue Fairy
Blue Fairy

The pendant for this necklace was inspired by a video by Brenda Sue Landsome of B’sue Boutiques.  You can watch the video here: Making Cameo Jewelry: Use Gilder’s Paste, Paints to Add Color to Resin Cameos with B’sue

Brenda also included my necklace in her latest B’sue Boutiques Newsletter! She also includes some wonderful tips for the Jewelry Designer business sales and as always, tons of inspiration! (Thanks Brenda!)



2 thoughts on “My “Blue Fairy” necklace published in Jewelry Affaire

  1. Cindy, your cameo necklace is beautiful! What a pretty shade of blue – it reminds me of Wedgewood. I really like how they photographed it with the teacup – very romantic! Congrats on this issue!

  2. Congratulations!! What a beautiful necklace, quite deserving of being showcased. I have to admit that I think that’s my favorite of the jewelry magazines. I can’t wait to pick up my own copy and see your beautiful work in there!

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