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Cindy Cima Edwards

Hi.  As a jewelry designer I go by Cindy Cima Edwards.  The “Cima” is what I have used in the past to sign paintings and drawings.  It is actually a combination of letters from my daughter and grandchildren’s names.  There are about a hundred thousand Cindy Edwards out there so I needed to change it up a bit.

I named my jewelry design business “Zimaj” (pronounced Zee mahj).  It would be a long story to explain how I came up with this name but basically it is a really cool sounding name and only has 5 letters and the domain was available!

I am originally from Texas (the Dallas/Ft Worth area).  My daughter (April) and I came to Arkansas in 1989.   April is my only child and is an extremely talented scrapbooker and multi-media artist. You can see for yourself by checking out her blog “Live to Create” and her gallery “A Tale in Time“.  She has given me three adorable grandchildren: Memphis, Charlie (granddaughter), and Castor.

I met my husband John in 1993 – he is a wonderful and very patient man. He is a web developer and designed my website as well as this blog!

In 1984, I graduated UTA Arlington with a BA in Graphic Arts.  This was before computer graphics, so my degree is pretty much useless other than just being able to say I have a degree.  I really didn’t want to go into graphic art anyway.  I wanted to go into Art Therapy or Art teaching, but my boyfriend at that time talked me into taking graphic art. That was a mistake, as was the boyfriend!

I have dabbled in many arts and crafts endeavors over the years: painting, drawing, scrapbooking etc… but finally discovered my true passion “jewelry design” about 5 years ago.  I was fascinated with jewels and stones from an early age, so this just felt right.  The first necklace I created was a gift to my mom shortly before she passed away.  I am sure that she would be pleased with the direction my life has taken.  She loved jewelry!!!  Although she would have preferred that I go into nursing, I am sure this would be a definite second choice!   It seems so odd that it took me almost 50 years to find my passion!

2 Responses to About Me

  • Kevin Pride says:

    WAY to Go ! Finally success !

  • Jo Halm says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey but especially for rescuing and giving new life to those treasured and forgotten bits of jewelry. I have a little rhinestone breasted goose given to me many many years ago by a family friend one Christmas. I hope Ruth would be surprised but pleased to know I still have it and treasure all the happy times it always reminds me of!

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