B’sue Boutiques Design Team Announced!

Brenda Sue Lansdowne of  B’sue Boutiques has announced her new design team. I am so proud to say that I have been selected along with 7 other super talented artists!

Check out the latest B’sue Boutiques newsletter to see everyone chosen to be on this exciting team!

I have been writing tutorials for B’sue Boutiques for a few months now. My latest is a matching bracelet and necklace –  “Parisian Girl”.

Parisian Girl (bracelet)

Parisian Girl (bracelet)

Parisian Girl (necklace)

Parisian Girl (necklace)


Soon they will have a special page on the B’sue Boutiques website for each artist on the team. I will update you when they are up. :)





Creative Spark Winter 2013-2014

The Creative Spark Winter 2013-2014 online magazine is out!

This issue has tons of wonderful designs by many wonderful designers! Also included in this issue are pics of the designer’s creative spaces, favorite music they listen to  while designing and much more!

Be sure to check out the GIVEAWAY on the ZnetShows blog post


My designs start on page 73 :)

Here is one of my designs created with a Flower Power era pin that that belonged to my grandmother. My wonderful cousin Jeannie Richardson sent it to me.

Grannie's Flower

Grannie’s Flower


A BIG THANKS to Hope Smitherman for another wonderful Creative Sparks E-zine!



Copper Chain Link Bracelet

I created this copper bracelet as a gift for my sister Teresa. I learned how to make the Engagement Ring links in Cindy Wimmer’s new book The Missing Link.


copper links

copper links


For anyone who loves working with wire or wants to learn – you need to get this book!  This is only one of the wonderful wire links she shows you how to make.  I plan to learn how to make each and every one of them!

This book is written in an easy to read format with gorgeous photography! The first half of the book shows all the cool links with instructions and step out instructions. The second half shows some beautiful designs created with the links by Cindy herself as well as many other talented and well know jewelry artists.

Jewelry Artists represented in this book are: Cindy Wimmer, Diane Cook, Kerry Bogert, Tracy Statler, Lori Anderson, and Christine Damm.



Thanks for the inspiration Cindy!