My Craft Room

Thought I would share my craft room today.  It is a bit messy – one of these days I will get it better organized (I hope).

My desk:  I try to straighten it up every now and then but it just goes back to “messy” leaving me just a small space for creating.


My inspiration wall/walls. “Inspire” was made by my daughter April (as were many of the items on the walls) – It is my favorite!!!  Every time I look at it, I feel inspired!


My Art shelf – where I keep paints, inks, etc.


My stickles floweth over!


My closet – this is where I keep my scrapbooking stuff and other odds and ends.


My beads!


Seed Beads


On the floor is misc pieces that have been picked up from garage sales, flea markets etc. They are awaiting me to put them somewhere 🙂
I really need to do that soon so I will know what I have!


My jewelry: Had to use some wall space in my husband’s office too.


This picture is blurred on purpose – it contains pieces awaiting contests or magazine submissions.


The dog bed is for whom ever wants to stay with me while I create 🙂





I have updated the “Published” page with all of my magazine publishing’s to date.

I didn’t want to bombard people with all of my previous ones so I chose to put them on their own page.  I am posting my most recent here as well as them being included on the “published” page.

I am very proud to be a part Stampington’s Spring 2011 issue of Jewelry Affaire.  I was thrilled to learn that Stampington published three of my designs in this beautiful publication.

I thought the pictures look wonderful!  You do have to look closely at “Alexandra” to see that it has a prism at the bottom.

Alexandra & Olga
Etched In My Heart

My first post

Okay – I have a blog – now what the h.. do I do with it?

Hmmm..  I think I will start with what I have been doing lately in the world of jewelry design.  I have been working on designs to enter into Bead Star Magazine contest.  So far, I have entered 6 designs. One for each of the following categories:

  • Glass
  • Pearls
  • Metals
  • Crystals
  • Hearts
  • Stones

Tomorrow I will try and create something for the “Plastic” category.  I do not plan to try out for the “Bead Stitching” because I do not bead stitch.  Plus, this will make 7 entries – a lucky number don’t you think?  I would love to show you pictures but can’t until the voting starts later in April.

Craft desk 04-01-11

As for this blog – I will try to show pics of my work, ideas for future designs, knowledge about jewelry design, tools, and materials as I acquire it etc…  The [etc] to be figured out later.

The picture is of my craft desk awaiting a bit of a clean up before I start the next project.